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2019.02.24|Asakazu Tominaga

Life of a direct and largehearted idea man chasing bee for 65 years. His passion overturned the common sense in the world of the bee and stunned the scholars across the country. He who is an apiologist represents Japan is still active at 75 years.Dr.Tominaga full of humanity and humor is loved all over Japan now.

He drives a small truck to look around hives that are scattered in the village. His bee life has started when he was an elementary school student through he accompanied his father on bee-chasing. He searches the nest by chasing Black Hornet wearing the mark.

He got addicted to impression when find a nest, he was into the depths of the world of bees. “I didn’t think much about my family. I blew all my earnings on the bee. I couldn’t forget that I was scolded all night in a family meeting by all the relatives when I was 26 years. But, I flew off like a bee to search hives soon after everyone went back next morning.”Although he still gets scolded by his family who care for his health, he doesn’t care. He is an innate daring man being imperturbable to trivial affair.

He is deeply familiar with habits of bees, has achieved one after another what are not considered in the common sense of the world of bees. Usually two or more bees can't live in a hive, but he got bees to build the longest hive in the world by working together of 29 queen bees. Then, he got 114 queen bees to build the most giant hive in the world. Also, he made bees draw letters of “HACHI (bee)” on the surface.

Scholars across the country felt it’s foolish and impossible, but they were surprised because I did actually. He can do an impossible matter biologically because he can talk with bees. He understands emotion of bee by the buzz. “I talk with bees by closing my face and fingertips on bees’ face carefully, not to give offense to them. Bees get noticed if we feel scary.”

He has focused in particular on beekeeping Japanese Honey Bee. They hate human make something. “If someone meddles in them, they move to a better place in anger.” So, the bleeding is difficult, but their goodness has been reviewed, because they have adapted to the climate of Japan, temper is quiet, and they are hard to get sick.

His beekeeping technology cultivated in many years research is highly valued and he was called to the Diet for formulating the legislation on the beekeeping Japanese Honeybee. “I thought to establish an association in order to teach my technology to the people across the country if I can live long enough to leave the hospital, when I was suffering from a severe illness. ” He established “Shinshu Japan Honeybee Association” in 2001. It became a large meeting with a membership of about 1,300 across the country now.

His dream is to build a sightseeing base for exploring Japanese Honeybee in Nakagawa village. “I want to build a large base in the mountain to understand all of Japanese Honeybee and want many people to come there.” He has a feeling of gratitude to this village with rich and beautiful nature. He loves bees also his hometown village more than others.

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